Merchandise Planning
Process Overview
Merchandise Assortment planning is a key business process for all retailers regardless of their size. However, almost every retailer has a different perspective on their planning cycle based on their respective product categories, timing and supply chain considerations. The end result of effective planning is to ensure that the customer gets the right product at right time and at right price while the retailer achieves their desired sales target with optimum inventory turns.

Although the whole retailing process can look very simple on the surface - buy the product, distribute it to the stores, merchandise it on the floors and then sell it to customers. However, we know all too well that in order to this most effectively the process is actually quite complex, especially when the number of stores and the number of products have grown to a significant and cumbersome number of store/sku combinations which can make the achievement of sales, margin and inventory optimization exceedingly challenging.

Current market & economic conditions are creating huge challenges for retailers to offer great value to customer. In the final analysis stiff competition coupled with challenging economic conditions and extra selective customer demand puts huge pressure on retailers to build, innovate and implement effective systems and processes to run a profitable business with ever more limited human resources.

The Merchandise Assortment process covers the complete planning, buying and supply chain process. Planning is always a complex process and within GrMAP it is divided into multiple parts.
Key Merchandise Assortment Planning Process is:
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